To satisfy the demands of a wide range of  transportation & industry, United Oil offers a comprehensive range of lubricant products that performed consistently at  the highest level.

Premium Range

To meet the demands for racing and extreme applications, we formulate this range with the most advanced components & latest technology. The range uses synthetic base oils which has naturally high viscosity index & superior thermo-stability and meet highest API (American Petroleum Institute) specifications API SN. Performance has been proven with success at race events in Australia, Macau, Malaysia and China.


Passenger Car Motor Oils

Our wide range of products have the formulation for your car engine lubrication needs. We have Synthetic Oils (United GOLD), Synthetic Blends (United PLUS) and products from mineral oils (United XTG) meeting the highest API Standards to give you the right balance between performance and value.


Diesel Engine Oils

Fuel economy, low emissions & extended drain capability are key performance features of our range of lubrication products for the diesel engines. We have Synthetic Oils (United Platinum), Synthetic Blends (United Turbo) and blends from Hydrocracked Base Oils (United Hydro & XD) and products from mineral oils (United XTG) meeting the highest API Standards to give you value and reliability which are important to your business.


Motorcycles/ Outboards

Our passion for motorcycles has developed a range of products that makes your machine more exciting. Our wide product range are specially formulated for various engine requirements with Synthetic and group 2 Hydrocracked Base Oil blends. We have the right product for your large touring motorbike, performance racers & scooters such as Motor Bebek & Underbone.


Gear / Transmission Fluids

Our range of Gear Oils give you high efficiency and enhanced wear protection for long life. We are also reputed to be a specialist on Gear / Transmission Fluids with the widest range. Our products are tailored to your specific transmission needs whether it is Dual Clutch, CVT, MV High or Low Vis.


Industrial Oils

Our products are formulated to add value to your operation, maximize equipment efficiency, prolong machine life, reduce downtime and give you substantial savings. We have a wide choice of products with performance focused formulations to tried-and-tested mainstream lubricants.


Specialty Oils

Coolants, Anti-Freeze, Brake Fluids & After-Market range of products


Marine/ Rail Lubes

United Oil has a range of marine lubricant specially formulated for ships, coastal vessels, tugboats, land-based stationary power-generation equipment and EMD Railroad use.


Metal Working Fluids

Wide range of MWF such as Soluble Cutting Oil, Forming Oil, Neat Cutting Oil, Quenching Oil, Rust Preventive Oil, Slideway Oil. Formulations that enhanced oxidation stability, improve foam control, maintain excellent stability in the presence of water and provide protection against rust, corrosion and wear. Has a range from very low viscosity with self-evaporating properties that leaves minimum film on components to very high viscosity containing high levels of extreme pressure additives.



To satisfy the demands of a wide range of industries, United Oil offers a comprehensive line of greases for wet & dusty conditions, long life, high-temperature service, severe conditions with shock & heavy loads.