Marine/ Rail Lubes Range

United Oil has a range of marine lubricant specially formulated for ships, coastal vessels, tugboats, land-based stationary power-generation equipment and EMD Railroad use. 

Marine Diesel Cylinder Lubricant - MDCL

Marine diesel cylinder lubricant (MDCL) plays a significant role in protecting the engine components, provides optimum performance and elongates engine life. Marine diesel cylinder lubricant failure can lead to adverse impact on engine such as corrosive wear, sludge, varnish, damage rings, etc. It consists high base number to combat the build-up acid during combustion.


Trunk Piston Engine Oil - TPEO

Marine trunk piston engine oil (TPEO) is specially formulated for the lubrication of medium speed 4-stroke diesel engines. It designed to meet the latest engine and fuel requirements. United trunk piston engine oil provides outstanding base number retention along with viscosity control, improves engine protection and performance as well as achieve better fuel economy.


Marine System Oil - STO

Marine system oil (STO) is specially designed for slow speed 2-stroke crosshead marine diesel engines which cylinder and crankcase are separated by a partition. This oil offers superior lubricity for each component within the crankcase and outstanding crankcase cleanliness. It provides excellent thermal stability and anti-oxidant properties, as well as improved protection from mechanical wear.


Marine Auxiliary Oils

Hydraulic Oils, Compressor Oils, Gear Oils, Turbine Oils, Heat Transfer Oils, Refrigerator Oils, Greases, Coolants, Lifeboat Engine Oils and etc.



United EMD Railroad & Marine Oil is made from selected highly refined base oils and blended with field-proven additives. This product is zinc-free and chlorine-free that meet the requirement of both General Electric and General Motors (Electro-Motive Division)