Diesel Engine Oils Range

Fuel economy, low emissions & extended drain capability are key performance features of our range of lubrication products for the diesel engines. We have Synthetic Oils (United Platinum), Synthetic Blends (United Turbo) and blends from Hydrocracked Base Oils (United Hydro & XD) and products from mineral oils (United XTG) meeting the highest API Standards to give you value and reliability which are important to your business. 


Fully synthetic for Low Emissions, Fuel & Maintenance Cost savings



Formulated with advanced Group 2 Base Stocks for Low Emissions, Fuel economy & extended drain capability



Formulated with advanced Group 2 Base Stocks for low SAPS emissions, advanced fuel economy & extended drain intervals



Formulated using latest technology for fuel economy savings, extended drain capability, and excellent wear protection.



Formulated specially for protection against wear, deposits and heat.