Industrial Oils Range

Our products are formulated to add value to your operation, maximize equipment efficiency, prolong machine life, reduce downtime and give you substantial savings. We have a wide choice of products with performance focused formulations to tried-and-tested mainstream lubricants. 

Hydraulic Oils

Full range for year round protection of hydraulic transmission systems, equipment, pumps, tractor transmission. Formulations with low zinc for anti-wear, protection against mechanical, rusting, corrosive wear, excellent filterability, excellent hydrolytic stability for protection against moisture and self-extinguishing fire resistant fluid. Tailored to meet industry accepted OEM specifications.


Compressor Oils

The range covers the needs of compressors, refrigeration system and vaccum oil pumps. Formulated with rust & oxidation inhibitors to prevent deposit formation in high temperature systems, anti-wear additives for long life under severe conditions. Other formulations with napthenic & ester synthetic base oils are tailored for refrigeration systems which required low pour point & high thermal stability.


Turbine Oils

Premium oil with resistance to oxidation and the formation of sludge and varnish at elevated temperatures. Has additives with excellent rust and corrosion protection. Has good thermal stability for extended service life and strong water separation properties. Formulations suitable for all types of turbines system and heavy-duty, stationary industrial gas turbines.


Industrial Gear Oils

Applications in virtually all types of industrial settings includes gear sets and oil circulating systems in steel mill, foundries, glass and bottle manufacturing plants, injection molding machines, paper mills, electrical wheel motors used in surface mining and quarries, shearing arms in underground coal mining, cement kilns, petroleum and chemical processing plants. Formulated with proprietary synthetic base oil technology and additives that enhance oxidation stability, improve foam control, maintain superior stability in the presence of water, and provide protection against rust, corrosion and wear.


Heat Transfer Oil

Designed for outstanding service in a variety of applications. Blended from highly refined and/or synthetic base oils and fortified with oxidation inhibitors to enhance high temperature performance and stability. Can be used in both open and inert gas blanketed close heat transfer systems.


Textile Oils

Premium grade, specially designed product that can be used for lubricating knitting machines. With highly refined base oil plus high performance, specially selected lubricity agents and emulsifier. Essentially clear in colour and can give exceptional antiwear protection to the machine parts. The compounded emulsifier system effectively removes the oil stains from textiles by emulsifying with water and thus makes the oil completely washsable.


Rock Drill Oils

Blended with highly refined base oils and special additives for a superior lubricant for air powered equipment. The range has products that contains tackiness agents that permit them to tenaciously adhere to cylinder walls and other lubricated parts. They are also fortified with Molybdenum based friction and extreme pressure additives that protect rock drills against wear caused by load shocks. Recommended for rock drills, jack hammers, paving breakers, pile drivers, air tools and other pneumatic equipment.



Machine Oil, Spindle Oil, Air Tool Oil, Chain & Bar Oil