Soluble Cutting Oil

United Soluble Cutting Oil series encompasses both high oil content and low oil content products. High oil content products form a very stable milky white emulsion when mixed with water. Low oil content products provide excellent bio-stability and hence extended coolant life without compromising other performance. Both types are fortified with antimicrobial agents and offers excellent rust protection and high heat absorbing characteristics. Products are available ranging from light to heavy severity machining operations.


Forming Oil

United Uniform and Unidraw series offers a wide selection of products for applications ranging from heavy duty broaching, cold heading or deep drawing to light stamping process. Products also range from very low viscosity with self-evaporating properties that leaves minimum film on components to very high viscosity containing high levels of extreme pressure additives to prevent tears and extend die life.


Neat Cutting Oil

Neat Cutting Oils are used undiluted in machining operations mainly for the purposes of extending tool life, smooth surface finishing, flushing of chips and reduction of workpiece deformation. United Neat Cutting Oil series is fortified with various extreme pressure and lubricity agents to obtain the desired workpiece quality depending on the respective types of operation and workpiece material. Product series suited for light to severe operations are available.


Quenching Oil

United Uniquench series are formulated to enhance heat treatment performance. Products are designed to suit various material, sizes and quenching process in order to produce parts of optimum hardness without causing deformation or cracks. United Uniquench series is treated with special anti-oxidants that offer inherent thermal stability to ensure minimum staining of parts and sludge formation, hence extending the oil’s life span.


Rust Preventive Oil

United Unicoat series is formulated with excellent rust preventive compound for protection against rust and corrosion. It works by displacing water from the metal surface, creating a protective barrier with oily and waxy film between the metal and the atmosphere. United Unicoat series offers products for short to mid-term storage and transit. Unicoat series particularly suitable for protection of highly machined precision parts where heavy films are not desirable are also available.



United Slideway Oils are designed to overcome the frictional “stick-slip” motion of machine tool slides, table and feed mechanisms. Our maintenance oil range offers excellent oxidation stability, corrosion protection, lubricity and anti-wear properties for use on both heavy loaded machine tool movement and high speed light duty operation. Kindly enquire from us for best products recommendation.