Premium Range

To meet the demands for racing and extreme applications, we formulate this range with the most advanced components & latest technology. The range uses synthetic base oils which has naturally high viscosity index & superior thermo-stability and meet highest API (American Petroleum Institute) specifications API SN. Performance has been proven with success at race events in Australia, Macau, Malaysia and China.



Fully synthetic for Low Emissions, Fuel & Maintenance Cost savings



Formulated with advanced Group 2 Base Stocks for Low Emissions, Fuel economy & extended drain capability



Formulated using latest technology for fuel economy savings, extended drain capability, and excellent wear protection.



Formulated specially for protection against wear, deposits and heat.



High Temperature Grease - high performance, versatile, long life, extreme pressure (EP), Lithium Complex thickener with latest additive technology for high temperature oxidation performance, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.


After Market

Premium products to enhance performance and for added protection. Range includes INJECTOR CLEANER (GASOLINE & DIESEL), OCTANE BOOSTER, ENGINE FLUSH & VALVE SAVER FLUID.


Brake Fluid

For both disc and drum type brake systems, engineered for the critical link between the brake pedal and the brakes. Formulated with high quality glycol and glycol ether fluid, designed to function over wide temperature and humidity ranges. Meets requirements of Dot 3, Dot 4 and DOT 5.1.



Premium quality, single-phase, ethylene glycol based range of products. Protects commons cooling system metals including solder, copper, brass, steel, cast iron as well as aluminium, and will not affect automotive hoses and gaskets. Products for automotive and trucks cooling systems and can prevent the cooling system from freezing over up to temperatures as low as –45°C. Meets G11 and G12 requirements.