Performance Additives - Automotive Lubricants


Additive Type Pour Point Depressant
Purpose Enable lubricant to flow at low temperatures
Additive Type Viscosity Modifier
Purpose Reduce the rate of viscosity change with temperature
Additive Type Antifoamant
Purpose Prevent lubricant from forming a persistent foam
Additive Type Antioxidant
Purpose Retard oxidative decomposition
Additive Type Antiwear and EP Agent
Purpose Reduce friction and wear and prevent scoring and seizure
Additive Type Corrision and Rust Inhibitor
Purpose Prevent corrosion and rusting of metal parts in contact with the lubricant
Additive Type Detergent
Purpose Keep surfaces free of deposits
Additive Type Dispersant
Purpose Keep insoluble contaiminants dispersed in the lubricant
Additive Type Friction Modifier
Purpose Alter coefficient of friction