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Machine Oil, Spindle Oil, Air Tool Oil, Chain & Bar Oil 


United Epsilon Machine Oil is a premium quality, solvent refined, high viscosity index paraffinic lubricating oil for a wide range of industrial applications where low cost is a prime consideration. United Epsilon Machine Oil will be used in industrial applications where loadings and temperatures are moderate industrial hygiene units and other hydraulic systems. As will as spur, helical, bevel & worm gearboxes where a non-additive mineral oil is approved by the gear manufacturer.

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United Spindle Oil is a premium grade, severely refined oil based extra low viscosity product specially for lubricating high speed spindles in knitting machines.

Adopting highly refined special grade base oil, Spindle oil is naturally in low odor and viscosity that are essential to be used to lubricate the lightly loaded spindles that rotated in very high speed and give good finish of the textile. Results in reduced operating temperature and much less machine or operation break down.


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United Air Tool Oil is a low zinc antiwear circulating oil meeting Denison HF-0 requirements. It is produced from highly refined lubricating base stocks and hydraulic oil additive packages. These products are designed for hydraulic systems with higher make up rates or those, which operate at moderate temperatures.

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United EST Chain Oil is specially formulated with fully synthetic ester base oil that enables to provide excellent lubricating properties even at very high temperature. It provides maximum operating reliability with the optimum wear & oxidation protections.

United EST Chain Oil can be used in the system with operating temperature as high as 250 °C while ensure high operating reliability and low maintenance expenses on the conveyor system.

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United Chain and Bar Oil is a high performance, anti-wear chain and bar oil which has been specially formulated for all types of chainsaws and chain driven machinery, including motor cycles, lawnmowers, lumber carriers and farm equipment. It is based on a carefully blend of highly refined, high viscosity index mineral basestock with a highly effective tackiness agent to resist throw-off and selected special antiwear additives that gives increased working life of the chain and bar.

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